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I want to go to a silent beautiful place...

Alone nobody else, with soft music!!!!!

Pixelated Art
External Services:
  • pixelated_art@livejournal.com


Its a Graphic Journal of mine. Where i like to share my artwork and the resource like Brushes // Textures // Gradient // and others. My Artwork includes: Icons, Banners, Headers, Signatures, Wallpaper and other various sized graphics.

+ Requesting / Feedbacks

Really sorry I don’t take requests generally. All your feedbacks are welcome on my journal entries.

+ Friend Me

You are most welcome to friend me anytime no need to ask. And also if you like and if you want to be always up-to-date to, my artworks, textures, brushes, etc etc...Then i suggest you to add me because there sometimes be some stuff which i make i ONLY post on my journal here alone. And Commonly, the users added me I don’t add them all back again because its not really possible to add everyone back again. I hope you understand.


You’re Most welcomed to Use any of my graphics and resource the fact is that please keep these certain things in your mind.

+ Crediting

I like when people appreciate someone’s hard work by crediting the person who made wonderful piece you would like to use.

- How to Credit a Icon I’m using on my LJ? Its Simple, Take a look at here:

- How to Credit an Resource? Credit as a link back to my LJ somewhere where you are posting your resource post.

+ Editing // Copying

This is something I really REALLY hate. Do NOT edit any of my graphics or my resource its like, Someone takes my brushes mess with it and post it like its his/her its wrong Please do NOT do this kind of wrong things.

+ Hot-linking

Please don't hotlink any image I post or put-up, it gives bandwidth problems.

+ Comments // Feedbacks

Feel free to comment on the stuff I post. It feels great to see the appreciation of the work I do, Thanks a lot for your wonderful comments.


+ Credit for the layout of my journal: Overrides by premade_ljs
+ Credit for the layout of my UserInfo Page: By me pixelated_art
+ Find The Resource of my Work: Here